Favourites of September for a Life Worth Living

Favourites of September for a Life Worth Living

It is September 30th meaning I am sharing my favourites for the month that have helped me live:

a life filled with more love, happiness and joy


I’m aware that favourites are usually reserved for YouTube and if you’d like to watch my YouTube channel then click here.

Favourites Set up

  • Wearing
  • Eating
  • Impressed By
  • Reading
  • Downloading and,
  • Doing


Favourite Wears

Light denim is everlasting and coupling them with neutrals oozes effortless beauty. The first product I’m sharing is this light denim skirt, frayed ends and very simple – It goes with everything. This particurlar one is from Myers but you can get a far more affordable alternative at Princess Polly.

Denim skirt favourite

Denim Skirt from Princess Polly


Another item I adore is my light denim jeans. These ones are from Glassons and I’ve never said this before but I think they look better in real life on a normal person than online on a model.

Denim Favourites

Denim Jeans from Glassons



I love bread BUT I never used to. It was too heavy and kind of boring. That is until I met Ancient Grains Organic Rye Bread. You’re going to have to search far and wide for this guy. I buy it from my local health store so keep an eye out there.

Another great thing I’ve done in regards to health is ditching the words “bad” and “junk.” I’ve replaced these with “Not fueling” because FOOD IS FUEL. When something doesn’t fuel you it’s not ultimately horrible for you, it’s just not amazing. And that’s okay.



Personally I don’t have the time or resources to create the photographs I have set in my mind for my blog. So I use Unsplash and credit all the photographers at the end of the blog post. They have a huge range of photos and they’re amazing quality. Definitely check it out for wallpapers and especially, for bloggers. Just a tip. Only join/signup if you’re a photographer wanting to share your photos.



You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. It is soooo worth the read for EVERYONE. I got my mum to read it. My boyfriend to read it. And I even got my brother to read it. We are all so different, but we all got something great out of it. I listen to mind on Audible but you can purchase the hardcover version on Booktopia!

you're a bad ass

There’s also a blog I’ve been reading called The Ayuerveda Expereince. They have a test you can take to determine your Dosha which they then provide you with tips and guides to eat the way your body type needs. All for FREE. What more could you want.



I recently downloaded an app called Rthm and it utilises circadian rhythms to help determine the best time to eat, to exercise, when we’re the most alert and when we’re not-so-alert. Aka me right now. Goodnight.

Rthm Favourites









Source: US Japan Fam

The second download relates to organisation which is happiness for some of us. The app is called Paper is so well-designed, aesthetic and practical. It’s basically Notes but way better. You can find the free app on the App store and browse its features here.



Last, but not least. I’m doing Yoga with the Yoga Academy app. They offer a premium service but their free stuff is great as well and that’s what I use at the moment. No annoying ads and a very clean cut look. Just how we like it.

Favourite yoga

Yoga Favourite





Over to you, Jackeroo. What are your favourites this month that’s going to help all of us grow and learn? Share below!

If you’d like to see last months favourites then check them out here.




This post is in affiliation with Princess Polly, Glassons and Booktopia. They have not sponsored this post. I will receive a commission if you choose to purchase through the links provided. I only share what I love and use myself. Thank you for your support.

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