There are so many things you’re holding onto right now that are dragging you down. You have to learn to let go in order to live a life filled with truth and happiness.

You may not realise you hold to things that aren’t good for you. But I’d like to guide you. Here are FIVE things you need to let go of.



let go of friend

You may call them a friend, but I call them that certain someone. This is no roast challenge, just the truth that is your friendship with them. It can be challenging to steer clear of someone you care about even when they are suckish. But when they bring you down more often than not or if they’re constantly complaining, or bullying, or judging or just being plain negative – It’s not cool. That’s not a friendship that thrives and therefore, it’s not really a friendship at all.

I get that you feel you can’t just ditch someone. But don’t feel bad for letting them go. It’s just not meant to be and that’s truly okay. You don’t have to feel pity or sadness.


Letting people go doesn't mean you think of them as worse, below or inferior to you Click To Tweet


They are learning just like you and I. They are a person who doesn’t match well with you. They may be the perfect friend for someone else. But they’re not what you need and you’re not what they need. Let them go.



let go of clutter

Yes, I know. I’m talking clutter again. I won’t stop until the day I die (though I imagine I’d talk about it in heaven as well!).

Physical things that don’t bring worth to your life are just taking up valuable space and shoving things that do bring you joy away.

So not okay, phsyical things. Be gone or else!

Make room for the good and ditch (donate or sell) the rest and never forget to better your spending habits so you aren’t wasting money or creating more landfill.



let go of

This covers judging others and also letting people’s judgement of you, a complete boss, get to you and change you for the worse. I was with friends and they said something along the lines of, “All we do is bitch.”

She was right. But I wasn’t like this with other people. I would talk about others so that I would have something to talk about. The people I’d bitch about were odd, yes, but I’d always be nice to them to their face. Because, truthfully, I wasn’t that fussed by them.

I also talk about others when it’s in agreement with a friend so that I don’t cause problems. Disliking others to be liked? What a life I lived. But, I’m learning and I’m here to help you learn too.

Please, don’t let someone else’s thoughts of you stop you from living your dream. Don’t let your negative thoughts stop you either. What others will think or say could literally be for the reason I had for bitching. Those opinions don’t matter.

Don’t let someone’s perception of you change you. Because it’s your life, your future and that is way too precious to put into the hands of someone else.



let go anger

That fire inside you that has been drowned in gasoline and is inflamed so much that it’s the only thing you can see surronding you… It’s damaging; to you and to others.

It’s normal to feel angry, but remember you are not your emotions. When you feel yourself getting angry allow yourself to stop; breathe in, breathe out. It will pass. Breathe before you bellow out. Allowing yourself to process before reacting will help you grow and maybe, some plants will grow from the ashes.

Similarly, hurt is underneath the anger and is the root of the issue. Whatever or whoever it is that hurt you simply does not see the truth of what is right. Learn to forgive them as they do not know.



Think yourself bad and you will be bad. Our mind is our most powerful tool. I am a huge fan of the Law of Attraction. I have been using it to create a better version of myself. This includes who I am, how I see who I am and how I view and treat my body.

Treat yourself with kindness, respect and love in everything you do. Be aware of your flaws and be grateful for their small or big part in the arrangement of starlight and magma that you are woven from.


I’d like you to let go and make room for the good in life. I want that for you. Love, laughter, flowers, good friends, good food and most importantly; the best you. It’s near.




Over to you. What is something else we should learn to let go of? Share below and we can grow!





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  1. Emma November 8, 2017 / 7:48 PM

    Great tips babe; I’m definitely trying not to be judgemental with others, and letting go of “that” friend is really something that I’ve been thinking of for a while now. But this is harder to do than it seems!
    Have a great day <3

    • Angelina Watson November 11, 2017 / 4:23 PM

      Hi Emma! I agree. Letting go of that friends is so extremely diffucult. Sometimes I think we are ‘comfortable’ with the drama they bring. In some cases, that friend is such a big part of your life that we don’t know ourselves without them or the troubles they bring. But everything is a learning curve! Best of luck!

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